Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last spring my family wanted to find a way to celebrate my turning 55. As we all know, the men in our family do not have a history of longevity, so reaching 55 seemed to be a rather big milestone. I had recently decided to get in shape and becoming a grandfather only inspired me further to not only eclipse that milestone but be able to know and love my own grandchildren! Since I was already in the process of improving my fitness we looked into different events and races as a way to celebrate. After doing some math, we found a race that would be held on the day that I would be the same age as my father was when he passed away.

No one in my family had ever participated in a race of any kind but we committed to doing our best! We decided then to enter the Red Rock Relay, a 62 mile 6 person team relay ran in Moab, Utah. With the purpose to celebrate life and to unite our family by paying tribute to my father and the grandfather my children never knew – Lloyds Legacy Squadron was born!





Lloyds Legacy Squadron blows up Red Rock!

This race gave my children a way to learn more about and connect to their grandfather. Each felt Lloyd’s strong spirit pushing them forward as they ran in the dark, in the snow, or up down and across the slopes of the La Sal Mountains for the 62 miles that rose and fell over 4000 feet in elevation! From the serene morning in the Colorado River bottoms to the stunning red rocks vistas through the snow capped La Sal mountains and back down into the town of Moab we were all amazed by the number of blackbirds seen along the beautiful course – reminding us he was with us every step of the way!

As we approached the finish line I joined hands with my/our mother, my wife, my children and my grandchildren creating a chain linking together four generations in victory! With our hearts full of love we crossed the finish line together as we blasted “Spirit in the Sky” from our boombox finishing 19th out of 93 teams!

At the time we planned for the Lloyds Legacy Squadron name to never be used again, a one and done memorial. As we prepare to run the 2016 Red Rock Relay as the Blackbirds it is easy to recall the amazing spirit we felt as we crossed the finish line. I want to extend that same incredible experience to you and your family. We have since reviewed our commitment to only using the Lloyds Legacy Squadron name as a one time memorial, and have decided it can be used again only if it is BIGGER and BETTER!

I invite you to join Lloyds Legacy Squadron!

Join Now

The 2nd Lloyds Legacy Squadrons mission is to complete the Zion Red Rock Relay in September 2017.

This race starts at the top of Brian Head Ski Resort and calls for each team member to run 3 legs over 187 miles to the finish line in Zion National Park. Now I know some of you are thinking — “187 miles?! Has John lost his mind?” Maybe I have, but let me explain. My goals for inviting you join Lloyds Legacy Squadron are to build family unity by including all 10 of his children and their families. To celebrate life and to demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice and accomplish something that my seem impossible. #pioneerheritage

This is my official call out!

To all descendants of Lloyd Draper Peterson – we need you!

Everyone who wants to join Lloyds Legacy Squadron, even if it means only running 1 short downhill leg, there is room for you! Since this event stretches over 30 hours it is going to take a lot more than just 24+ people running 187 miles. We will need:

  • At least 24 runners
  • 7 Cheerleaders
  • 5 Babysitters
  • 4 Van Drivers
  • 3 Sandwich Makers
  • 2 Photographers
  • 1 Waterboy
  • 1 Chiropractor
  • 1 Dancing Grandma

We will all assemble on Thursday, September 7th 2017, at Brian Head for a kick-off meeting where we will carb up and share stories about Lloyds Legacy!  Early the next morning we will all wake up, ride the lift to the top and standing together at the starting line we will kick off an event you will never forget!





Wherever and however you see your fit and contribution to the team I would love to have everyone there. We will take the weekend to celebrate life, pay tribute to our heritage and parents who have given us this team for now and all eternity that  we shall “find joy and rejoicing in this posterity.”

A couple of things I will promise you by participating; you  will learn a lot about yourself, who you are and where you came from. And when we cross that finish line as a team your sense of accomplishment and celebration will be second to none and that your Mother / Grandmother and your Father / Grandfather will be there to greet you and celebrate with you and say “Well done my son/daughter.”


John Peterson

Lloyds Legacy Squadron

Join Lloyds Legacy Squadron


2017 Red Rock Relay Zion








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